Broadacre Seeds

With the advent of major technological advancement in this market space, David Grays Aglink has supply partnerships with all leading breeders and suppliers of cereals, canola, and legume seed varieties.

We are able to offer our clients the very latest canola traits and technologies including; Round up Ready, Triazine Tolerant, Clearfield and Hybrids.

It is critical that our reseller clients and their growers alike have first hand access to the advancing seed technology space.


Customer Statement:

David Grays Aglink have been with us from the start. They are responsive, prompt and most of all great at what they do. Their combined years in the industry benefit us, with their wealth of knowledge and product range. Supply is outstanding and is always promptly delivered. The David Grays Aglink commitment and service to our business has exceeded our expectations. They have added value to our business from a genuine interest in helping us grow our business. You can’t beat service like that.

Bev Ward,
Dowerin Farm Shed


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