Our Reach

David Grays Aglink client base expands throughout Western Australia and the Northern Territory in both the Broadacre and Horticulture market segments.

Our clientele service a diverse range of agricultural crops ranging from; Tropical Horticulture in the North (Mangoes, Cucurbits, Bananas, Sandalwood); Temperate Horticulture and Viticulture in the South West (Pome/Stone Fruit, Potato’s, Brassica’s, Vines); Dairy and Beef farming in the South West/Great Southern and Broadacre farming throughout Southern Western Australia (Cereals, Canola, Legumes, Sheep, Beef).


Customer Statement:

David Grays Aglink, have proven themselves to be a terrific partner to deal with. Competitive with pricing, they have accounts with all major research & development companies and nothing is too much trouble for them to do or get. They are flexible in their trading terms and just good honest people to work with. What a great team. The best move Esperance Rural Supplies made is to deal with David Grays Aglink after coming from a competitor wholesaler.

Greg Hard,
Esperance Rural Supplies

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