David Grays old building

The David Gray & Co Story

Established in 1939, David Gray & Company Pty Ltd (‘David Grays’) has been a leading supplier of agricultural chemicals products to the WA farming community for more than 70 years.

With three generations of experience in the manufacture and wholesale of agribusiness products, the family owned and operated David Grays is widely recognised as a reliable and stable provider of commercial chemical solutions.

David Grays has a highly diversified business model with core business units in waste management, stock feeds, pest control, consumer products, commercial formulation (toll manufacturing) and most recently commercial agriculture (David Grays Aglink).

The company was originally formed as a supplier of stock feeds to the farming community. Company founder, David Douglas Gray was responsible for the initial foray into this market and many decades later the company continues to offer a well known competitive range of feed block to the WA agricultural industry.

Old Photo's David Grays

The waste management division was originated in 1992 when David Grays secured the local distributorship for SULO wheelie bins. Under the stewardship of Nicholas Gray, the waste management division has grown to become WA’s largest supplier of wheelie bins to local government, mining and industry.

The pest control division commenced operations in the mid 1940’s when David Grays first diversified away from stockfeeds and into the formulation and supply of DDT and Dieldrin. This division has been under the direction of Graham Sharp since 1972. Graham’s longstanding relationship with the WA pest control industry has helped David Grays maintain a market leading position for the last 50 years. Started in the mid 1950’s, the consumer products division grew to prominence in the mid-70’s when the products, Outdoor Fogger and Scram, became revered by many consumers as the first choice for the safe and effective control of flies and mosquitoes. Under the management of Doug Tyrie, the consumer products division continues to manufacture and supply a range of market leading brands to the biggest retailers in the country. The commercial formulation division commenced operations in 1989. Also known as toll manufacturing, the commercial formulation division has contracted with the biggest names in global chemicals to deliver formulating expertise or standard repacking.

David Grays most recent success story is the formation of David Grays Aglink, the commercial agriculture division, headed by General manager Warren Stirrat.

With a broad and colourful history, David Grays has always adapted to changing tides and economic conditions. The company has a proud legacy that successfully responds to the changing ways our customers do business year to year, generation to generation.

Today the business employs approximately 60 people from production through to management. David Gray & Co offers the strength of a seasoned operator, the agility of a family owned business and unrivalled experience within its personnel.

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Customer Statement:

We have dealt with a number of distribution companies in the past 20 years. David Grays Aglink have proven to be the most effective supplier in making our business truly competitive and profitable.

Glenn Cooper,
Donnybrook Farm Services


Customer Statement:

We have been dealing with David Grays Aglink for about 2 ½ years and only have good things to say about them. Their ability to source products at competitive prices and land them in our transport yard quickly is unsurpassed. Friendly staff with a “can do” attitude and a willingness to be flexible when required makes our job that much easier. They have helped us to grow our business well beyond the expectations of our competitors and even ourselves.

Thoroughly recommend them to any independent store looking for a reliable supplier.

Keith Perry,
Wheatbelt Country Supplies

Wheatbelt Country Supplies

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